Hi there,

Its always a bit confusing doing things online and what makes it more confusing is different sites often do the same things differently!  So we thought we would add a section (below) to anticipate some of your queries and give you some answers and guidelines upfront …hope it helps!

When does the contest close for entries?

Closing date is the 23rd July, 2018

Where can I see FOOM’s categories for entry?


How much does it cost to enter FOOM?

$35 per entry for non-members
$15 for SCALA members

If you have a problem? Don’t panic!  Everything can (and will) be resolved in time – you will not miss out on the contest as long as you get in touch with us.  Just email with an outline of your problem along with your contact details and it will be resolved.

Where can I view the Sponsors and Prizes for the contest?

This can be found via SCALA’s website (

Where can I view the RULES of the contest?

On the RULES page