How To Enter

Hi there!

This site is different to our previous site so thought we would give you a heads up before you upload your songs…


  • FIRST: there is NO requirement to pre-purchase entry credits!
  • SECOND: before you upload your song and/or lyrics files make sure the file name has the TITLE of your song in it.
       If the song title is not in the filename then just right click on your file (mp3/word/or pdf) and rename… 

  • THIRD: upload your lyrics as a word or PDF file (you don’t cut and paste lyrics across)
  • FINALLY: songs are uploaded during the entry process but are not SAVED until payment is complete


The submission process is as follows:

  1. Complete the contact details form
  2. Select if you are a current member of SCALA or entering as a non-member
  3. Upload your MP3 file then Upload your lyrics
  4. Declare any co-writer names (if applicable)
  5. If you wish to enter more songs in the same Category then Upload them too
  6. Select the Category for entry for song(s) uploaded eg Demo Open
  7. Enter the number of songs (for that category) you have uploaded
  8. Submit & Pay




If you want to enter other song(s) into a different category/section then paypal will re-direct you back to the entry page to start again.  Auto-fill should complete your form this time so then just continue with your entry(s) as per above.


As always we are willing to help where we can so just email